Discover your path to a longer healthier life
with Longevity 4.0

The technology-empowered longevity journey combines personalized preventive health plans with emotional support and a caring community.image

Our key features:

Customized Health Plans:Receive tailored recommendations to prevent diseases and enhance your well-being based on your lifestyle, genetics, and health goals.
Preventive Health TrackingMonitor your health metrics with advanced tools to stay ahead of potential issues and track progress.
Daily Wellness TipsAccess expert advice on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management to support your daily routine.
Emotional Well-being Support:Get resources and guidance to nurture your mental health and emotional resilience.
Empathy-Driven Community:Connect with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share your health and longevity goals.
Cutting-Edge Research Updates:Stay informed with the latest preventive medicine and longevity science advancements.
Virtual Coaching:Engage with health coaches, nutritionists, and fitness experts for personalized guidance and motivation.
Goal Setting and Reminders:Set and achieve health goals with smart reminders and motivational prompts to keep you on track.

How it works

Longevity4.0 isn’t just an app; it's your integrated and personal guide to a vibrant, extended life.
With Longevity 4.0, you're not alone in your journey; you have a team that cares about your physical and emotional health every step of the way. Imagine having a personal health coach, nutritionist, and fitness expert who truly understands your journey in one convenient app. Longevity 4.0 provides:

Nutrition support
  • Daily routine of discipline and fasting, with clear food intaking breaks
  • Proper hydration for your body
  • Glucose kept under longevity optimization limits
  • Gradual elimination of sugar from your routine
Sports routines
  • A weekly routine to incorporate daily walks, multiple training types
  • Low-impact sports to support mindfulness and stress release like yoga and jogging
Community and Social
  • Time to friends and family
  • Time to share and connect with 3 close friends
  • Routines to create new connections and friends through volunteering and groups sharing your passions
Psychoeducation and spirituality
  • A gratitude journal and conscientious respiration techniques for vague nerve stimulation
  • Mindfulness through body scanning and body awareness
Longevity supplements
  • Progressive introduction in your routines to support cellular regeneration for a longer lifespan
  • Based on medical advice
Skincare for longevity
  • Daily routines for healthy skin, supported by our specialized partners in skincare
Sleep Quality
  • Sleep routines and sleep rituals to ensure a minimum of 7.5 hours of quality sleep for at least 5 days a week
  • Practices developed with doctors and psychotherapists
Financial Health
  • Achieve financial wellness by aligning life goals with financial requirements
  • Plan for the future
  • Alleviate financial health

Assess your longevity with a specialized blood test pack, designed with our doctors, and get personalized recommendations on how to improve hormone levels in your body to boost your health and live a joyful life.
Join the Longevity 4.0 community and take the first step towards a longer, happier life filled with empathy, support, and understanding. Download now and embark on your journey to optimal health and longevity!

Corporative wellbeing

Elevate Your Workforce's Health and Productivity with the Longevity 4.0 Corporate Program!
In today's fast-paced business world, employee well-being is more critical than ever. Introducing the Longevity 4.0 Corporate Program, a comprehensive wellness initiative designed to strategically integrate all areas of well-being for your team. From physical health and emotional resilience to financial stability and preventive care, Longevity 4.0 ensures your employees are healthier, happier, and more productive.

With the Longevity 4.0 Corporate Program, your organization will benefit from:

Holistic Health Plans
  • Tailored wellness programs that address the unique health needs of each employee, promoting physical fitness, mental health, and preventive care.
Emotional Support:
  • Access to mental health resources, stress management techniques, and counseling services, fostering a supportive and empathetic workplace culture.
Financial Wellness:
  • Expert guidance on financial planning and management, helping employees achieve financial stability and reduce stress.
Community Building:
  • Engage your workforce in a vibrant, empathy-driven community that encourages mutual support and shared wellness goals.
Innovative Tracking Tools:
  • Utilize advanced health tracking technologies to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement, ensuring continuous employee development.
Expert Coaching:
  • Virtual sessions with certified health coaches, nutritionists, and fitness experts provide personalized guidance and motivation for your team.
Cutting-Edge Research:
  • Stay ahead with the latest in preventive medicine and wellness research, empowering your organization with knowledge and best practices.
Goal Setting and Incentives:
  • Encourage employees to set and achieve health and wellness goals with structured programs and rewards, boosting morale and engagement.


Personalize your journey with Longevity 4.0 +

Transform Your Life with Our Fully Tailored Longevity 4.0+ Program: The Perfect Blend of Technology and Human Touch!
Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life? Introducing the Longevity 4.0+ Program, a revolutionary wellness initiative that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with personalized human support. Designed to meet your unique health needs and goals, our fully tailored program ensures you receive the best of both worlds—precision-driven insights and compassionate, expert guidance that will be with you for each step of the journey.

Initial longevity assessment
  • Daily routine of discipline and fasting, with clear food intaking breaks
  • Come to our clinics and speak with our longevity specialists
  • Complete a questionnaire about your current lifestyle
  • Get tested: specialized blood test, fitness assessment, motor skills assessment
Step 1: Sports routines
  • A weekly routine to incorporate daily walks, multiple training types
  • Low-impact sports to support mindfulness and stress release like yoga and jogging
Step 2: Initiate the Longevity journey
  • Meet our longevity specialists and doctors to discover and deep dive into potential risks related to the 5 diseases of our century
  • Agree on your focus for the next 3 months
Step 3: Create Longevity routines
  • Practice principles of a healthy lifestyle
  • Follow the actions in Longevity 4.0 app
  • Monitor your glucose level
  • Take advantage of our guided activities supported by our professionals
  • Become part of our community: workshops or boot camps
  • Stay in touch with us through recurrent checkpoints
Step 4: Sustain a longevity lifestyle
  • Record progress towards increasing health span
  • Adjust your program to fit your needs
  • Get your action plan and continue your journey
Financial Health
  • Achieve financial wellness by aligning life goals with financial requirements
  • Plan for the future
  • Alleviate financial health

The Longevity 4.0+ Program isn't just about adding years to your life—it's about adding life to your years. By integrating the precision of technology with the warmth and empathy of the human touch, we create a comprehensive wellness experience that is uniquely yours. Join the Longevity 4.0+
Program today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and longer life. Experience the future of wellness, tailored just for you!